Sunday, November 26, 2006

The media played a big part in the election. The media kept the elections from being corrupt but it also helped some candidates have an unfair advantage. But the Fairness Doctrine is not in effect, so it is hard to keep everyone happy. Future candidates for the 2008 election may include John Edwards and Tommy Thompson. It already seems like it will be a heated election especially with the change in the house. The media is already doing a lot of buzz about possible candidates like Feingold. But with this election, changes like Iraq policy and minimum wage will be shown. Lot of policies will be changed, some for the good and some for the bad.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Overall, analysis from the election shows the power of the independent voter. The independent voter has the power to choose who will be the winner. Iraq was a big issue among the voters and there was a lot of disappointment among political corruption. The majority of voters were critical of Bush. Candidates for the 2008 Presidential race will need to use this election has a lesson to follow. They know that the media highlights scandals more often than good deeds. They need to use the media carefully because it can backfire. Being against the war in Iraq and being honest and not involved with a scandal will definitely help a candidate succeed in the upcoming race. Of course having money will help a candidate do well too.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Wow! Those polls are very accurate. Democrats control the House, now. Doyle is still governor. Some say it was the historical 8 year trend, and some say it was the dissatisfaction with the President and the war. The media is all buzzing about what kind of impact this will be for policy-making. It was interesting to hear what other countries thought about the election. They all pretty much agree that the Democrats winning the House was a good thing and it was a blow to President Bush. The fear of leaving Iraq in chaos was heard, though. Rumsfield stepped down, which was a smart thing to do considering he would not have been able to fulfill his position. I wanted to see though more minorities win the election. There are no big recounts as of right now, so that's good news. We have to see in the coming days more of the impact of this election.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Two more days till election day! Right now, there is a buzz about the Democrats taking over the House. That will definitely change some things! This buzz has made the election more important. I think it would not have so much buzz if this was not the case. But the media has something to talk about now. The good thing out of this possibility of change is that it will encourage possible voters to go and vote. They will realize that their vote counts. There are so many organizations out there encouraging the youth to vote. They are using the media to in a way "brainwash" the youth that voting is the "cool thing to do". Media is very powerful in promoting change but is it more powerful than the temptations of corporate greed? I don't know about that.