Friday, November 10, 2006

Wow! Those polls are very accurate. Democrats control the House, now. Doyle is still governor. Some say it was the historical 8 year trend, and some say it was the dissatisfaction with the President and the war. The media is all buzzing about what kind of impact this will be for policy-making. It was interesting to hear what other countries thought about the election. They all pretty much agree that the Democrats winning the House was a good thing and it was a blow to President Bush. The fear of leaving Iraq in chaos was heard, though. Rumsfield stepped down, which was a smart thing to do considering he would not have been able to fulfill his position. I wanted to see though more minorities win the election. There are no big recounts as of right now, so that's good news. We have to see in the coming days more of the impact of this election.


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