Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Overall, analysis from the election shows the power of the independent voter. The independent voter has the power to choose who will be the winner. Iraq was a big issue among the voters and there was a lot of disappointment among political corruption. The majority of voters were critical of Bush. Candidates for the 2008 Presidential race will need to use this election has a lesson to follow. They know that the media highlights scandals more often than good deeds. They need to use the media carefully because it can backfire. Being against the war in Iraq and being honest and not involved with a scandal will definitely help a candidate succeed in the upcoming race. Of course having money will help a candidate do well too.


Blogger Charlie said...

This midterm election did indeed show the importance of appealing to the center of the electorate. For a candidate to take the White House in 2008 they will have to do that as well.

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